Service Groups

Serve the Lord with Gladness

“And ye shall serve the Lord your God and He shall bless thy bread and thy water and I shall take sickness away from the midst of thee”  Exodus 23:25

Here at Divine Restoration Ministries, there is a place for everyone to serve the Lord. Take the time to explore the different ministries and opportunities and take the time to serve.

  1. Sanctuary Keepers: They ensure that the main sanctuary and church offices are kept clean and orderly at all times.  They also ensure that our convenience rooms are kept clean and presentable and that the necessary facilities are available at all times.
  2. Children’s Church: This children’s ministry is colorful, energetic, entertaining and dynamic, focused on teaching the word of faith to children ages 3-11 years.  The aim of this ministry is as follows:
  • Have the children understand the word of faith
  • Have the children develop their identity in Christ
  • Encourage the children to develop an understanding of God’s purpose and plan for their lives
  • Help the children to discover and use their gifts (spiritual, physical, and mental) that God has given them
  1. Evangelism/Follow up Department: Reaching and teaching the word of God with the utilization of tracks to win souls in the community.  Occasionally organizing mass evangelism for the church, follow up with new converts, and follow up with those that did not show up during church service.
  2. Praise and Worship Team: The choir ministers to the people in praise, worship and also special songs in all church services.  As the choir leads the congregation into the high praise of God and ultimately into His presence, God Himself comes down with His blessing.  Psalm 22:3
  3. The Ushering Department: This department provides assistance to worshippers in matters relating to seating, noise, and indoor traffic. This allows worshippers to stay focused for a maximized worship service.
  4. Media: This team is responsible for our audio and video recording as well as our technical facilities management.
  5. Prayer Force: The prayer team is the backbone of the church.  This group supports the Pastor’s family, as well as the entire congregation in prayer.  They pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence, manifestation and power during services and special events, as well as the continuous growth of the church.